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*NEW* KATO BASIC CONDITIONING BAR (Polymer Clay Softener) 1 LB (16 oz)

  • $15.95

Our KATO BASIC CONDITIONING BAR wants your crumbly, old clay- and it will make them seem as if those bars are fresh from the factory.

KATO BASIC CONDITIONING BAR is a polymer clay conditioner in a bar form. It is colorless and was developed to help artists soften their clay to their liking. 

When clay is conditioned with our Kato Basic, it enhances the clay's ability to remain nice and pliable through the test of time. 

  • Easy-to-use
  • No spills/less mess/ more control 
  • Conditions those extra-firm polymer clay bars at the bottom of your clay stash 
  • Oven-hardening
  • Cures strong and flexible

This is a limited trial run.