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Jazz Window Prep

Some windows have an invisible film, which must be removed prior to painting with tempera. Traditional window cleaners will not do the job; but Jazz Window Prep will.

To test glass, clean a small area of glass with water or window cleaner. Apply test patch of tempera to the spot. If paint cracks or peels when dry, you will need Window Prep.

To use, apply a small amount of Window Prep to a sponge or clean, soft cloth. Apply to glass using a circular, overlapping motion across the entire area to be painted. If desired, rinse with water and squeegee off.

Jazz Window Prep is a must for sign painters! It is non-toxic and water soluble, contains no harsh cleaners and is environmentally safe. Available in 16 oz (473 mL) squeeze bottles with dispensing cap. ACMI approved. Conforms to ASTM D-4236.

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49507 16 oz. Jazz Window Prep