Vincent van Gogh

Good project for reviewing the primary colors and learning to mix and use secondary colors and tinting/shading through the use of white/black while exploring the individual artistic style of Vincent van Gogh.

Level: Intermediate, Advanced

Van Aken Product(s):
Jazz liquid tempera, Jr. Jazz 'truly washable', Jazz School, or Jazz Gloss



  • Jazz paint in assorted colors
  • white paper
  • pencil or chalk
  • assorted paint brushes
  • 1/2 cup laundry soap for each 1 cup of tempera paint used
  • paint trays
  • water
  • newspaper


  • cover work area with newspaper
  • draw picture design onto paper in chalk or light pencil (use strong compositional elements and avoid small details which will not show up in the final painting)
  • apply paint in a thick paste-like manner*, painting in the background first and then the foreground
  • make sure entire picture surface area is painted and let dry overnight

Handy hints:
Discuss the artist and view his artwork. The various colors of tempera have different consistencies and may require and adjustment of the soap to water ratio to get the desired texture. *Applying the paint too thickly may cause cracking when dry and fall off of the paper.