Summertime Print

Introduces basic printing method and children can preserve their summertime found treasures in picture form.

Level: Intermediate, Advanced

Van Aken Product(s):
Jazz liquid tempera, Jr. Jazz 'truly washable', Jazz School, or Jazz Gloss



  • Jazz paint in assorted colors
  • found objects such as leaves, feathers, coins, etc. that are flat
  • white paper
  • assorted paint brushes
  • paint trays
  • glue (optional)
  • plates, cookie sheets
  • water
  • newspaper


  • cover work area with newspaper
  • place object on plate or cookie sheet and paint one side liberally
  • press painted side of object onto paper and lift gently
  • repeat second & third steps for each object and let dry

Handy hints:
Paint that is too thick may crack and fall off of the paper after drying. Different colors may be applied to the same object to create patterning. Gluing some of the found objects onto the paper with the prints can add interesting texture and contrast.