Hands or Turkeys? - Fall Project

Great for younger children to experience painting tactilely as well as visually and for learning about seasonal themes or aspects of American history.

Level: Novice, Intermediate

Van Aken Product(s):
Jazz liquid tempera, Jr. Jazz 'truly washable', Jazz School, or Jazz Gloss



  • Jazz paint in assorted colors
  • white or colored paper
  • assorted paint brushes and/or markers
  • pencil or chalk
  • masking tape
  • paint trays
  • water
  • newspaper


  • cover work area with newspaper
  • tape paper securely to work area
  • place hand flat on paper, splay the fingers out, and trace around it
  • fill in the hand with paint to look like a turkey and let dry
  • draw or paint facial features and feather details on

Handy hints:
Paint that is too thick may crack and fall off of the paper after drying. Make several turkeys and cut them out for Thanksgiving table place markers