Halloween Mask

Imaginative way to create unique masks which
can be adapted to other events such as Mardi Gras.

Level: All

Van Aken Product(s):
Jazz liquid tempera, Jr. Jazz 'truly washable', Jazz School, or Jazz Gloss



  • Jazz paint in assorted colors
  • white paper and/or construction paper
  • assorted paint brushes and/or markers
  • hole punch
  • elastic string, twine, or shoestring
  • X-acto knife
  • paint trays
  • water
  • newspaper


  • cover work area with newspaper
  • tape paper securely to work area
  • draw out mask design (making sure scale is appropriate for wearing)
  • paint design on mask and let dry
  • cut out mask and use X-acto knife to cut out eye holes (with adult supervision or help)
  • punch holes on each side and attach string, twine, ribbon in two sections so it can be tied together in the back

Handy hints:
Look at pictures of animals to get ideas, or use famous people as models. Include any extras you may have around, like glitter sequins, beads, pasta, etc, to accentuate the mask.