Paul Gauguin

Good project for reviewing the primary colors and learning to mix and use secondary colors and tinting/shading through the use of white/black while exploring the individual artistic style of Paul Gauguin.

Level: All

Van Aken Product(s):
Jazz liquid tempera, Jr. Jazz 'truly washable', Jazz School, or Jazz Gloss



  • Jazz paint in red, yellow and blue (black and white for doing tinting/shading)
  • white paper
  • pencil or chalk
  • assorted paint brushes
  • paint trays
  • water
  • newspaper


  • cover work area with newspaper
  • draw a landscape that could be seen on a tropical island (like Gauguin's Tahiti) filling in the background and putting a large figure, tree or island structure in the foreground
  • using only primary colors, mix the secondary colors desired to paint in the scene (orange, green, purple) adjusting the tint or shade with white/black

Handy hints:
Discuss the artist and view his artwork. Show pictures of island scenes beforehand or encourage the students to draw from memories of vacations they may have taken to island locations.