Jazz Matte Tempera

Highly pigmented, water-soluble, water resoluble paints. All made from non-toxic natural binders, fillers and pigments.



Liquid Jazz Matte Tempera is a non-toxic water soluble paint that dries to a brilliant velvety finish. It is suitable for a wide variety of techniques from sign painting to school art projects.

Jazz Gloss Tempera

The world's only tempera that quickly dries to a shiny, enamel-like finish. Available in metallic, fluorescent, and opaque, Jazz Gloss is great for posters, arts and crafts, school projects and a whole new range of applications.


Each of our formulas carry the AP symbol. Your assurance that each has been certified non-toxic, and conforms to ASTM D-4236.


Jazz Window Prep

Some windows have an invisible film, which must be removed prior to painting with tempera. Traditional window cleaners will not do the job; but Jazz Window Prep will.