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Jazz Gloss Tempera
Jazz Window Prep

Jazz Matte Tempera

The highest quality paint brand in the art and craft market, Jazz Matte Tempera is a non-toxic water soluble paint that dries to a brilliant velvety finish. It is suitable for a wide variety of techniques from sign painting to school art projects.

The thick semi-paste consistency is perfect for easel painting, finger painting, print-making, signs, and window decorations (when used with Jazz Window Prep).

When thinned with water, Jazz becomes a free flowing paint with excellent brushing qualities for poster and picture work and all opaque watercolor techniques.

Jazz Liquid Tempera, the versatile, economical, quality color for artists of all ages.

Jazz Matte Tempera thins and cleans up with water. Freeze/thaw tested, stabilized against separation and spoilage. Packaged in 16 oz (473 mL) and gallon (3.79 L) jugs. ACMI certified non-toxic. Conforms to ASTM D-4236.



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16 OZ. JAZZ TEMPERA-12/ctn.

40501 Yellow
40502 Orange
40503 Red
40504 Magenta
40505 Violet
40506 Ultra Blue
40507 Turquoise
40508 Green
40509 White
40511 Black
40517 Brown
40518 Peach
40531 Fluor. Yellow
40532 Fluor. Orange
40533 Fluor. Red
40534 Fluor. Magenta
40535 Fluor. Purple
40536 Fluor. Blue
40538 Fluor. Green
40553 Fluor. Pink
40590 Metallic Silver
40591 Metallic Gold

128 OZ. JAZZ TEMPERA-4/ctn.

40701 Yellow
40703 Red
40706 Ultra Blue
40708 Green
40709 White
40711 Black