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Jazz Matte Tempera
Jazz Window Prep

Jazz Gloss Tempera

The world's only tempera that quickly dries to a shiny, enamel-like finish. Available in metallic, fluorescent, and opaque , Jazz Gloss is great for posters, arts and crafts, school projects and a whole new range of applications.

Its safety and water clean up make it ideal for use by all age groups.
The brilliant colors and excellent coverage of Opaque Gloss make it perfect for general use. Metallic Gloss gives sparkle and effect to any project. Fluorescent Gloss adds extra emphasis to posters and signs.

Jazz Gloss may be thinned with water for use in an airbrush. It can also be applied over standard Jazz Liquid Tempera to combine matte and gloss effects. When reversed, Jazz Liquid Tempera over Jazz Gloss, an antique or crackle finish is achieved. If a permanent water proof finish is desired, a clear acrylic spray or varnish may be used after painting is thoroughly dry.

Jazz Gloss Tempera thins and cleans up with water. Freeze/thaw tested, stabilized against separation and spoilage. Packaged in 16 oz (473 mL) bottles with dispensing cap. ACMI certified non-toxic.
Conforms to ASTM D-4263.



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16 OZ. GLOSS TEMPERA - 12/ctn

50501 Opaque Yellow
50502 Opaque Orange
50503 Opaque Red
50505 Opaque Violet
50506 Opaque Ultra Blue
50507 Opaque Blue
50508 Opaque Green
50509 Opaque White
50511 Opaque Black
50517 Opaque Brown
52501 Fluorescent Yellow
52502 Fluorescent Orange
52503 Fluorescent Red
52504 Fluorescent Pink
52505 Fluorescent Purple
52507 Fluorescent Blue
52508 Fluorescent Green
53589 Metallic Pearl
53590 Metallic Silver
53591 Metallic Gold
53592 Metallic Copper